About Dobbo

Hi ! Dobbo Symbolizes freedom, strength, adventure, dynamism and optimism; Dobbo is sensual and knows how to savor life to its fullest ! Pooplu is often a source of inspiration for others and is always in search of something new and exciting. In general Dobbo is smart, funny, young, mature and charming. Dobbo loves and cares for nature and loves animals

Dobbo’s Core Purpose:              

To create fashion and design that is an extension of you and brings the best out of everyone!  

About BD Digital:

BD Digital is Internet Company and is part of BD Info Media Pvt. Ltd India’s one of the leading Internet Company with well-known brands like InvestmentGuruIndia.com, VishvaTimes.com, Gadget2.in and ThinkResult.in .           

Our Values:          

Quality through Professionalism, reliability and integrity,
Responsive and creative towards our employees, customers and all stake holders,
Loyalty of employees,
Competitive and entrepreneurial spirit,
Continuous self-improvement,
Taking only as much as we need from nature,
To be profitable and contribute in Nation building.